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5-day Summer Workshop Core Energetics

13 juli | 10:00 - 17 juli | 17:00


Life and Death

We live our life and we die our death. No way out.

Death turns up for most of us as a threat that causes fear, anxiety and despair. Most of these strong feelings are dispelled to the subconscious level to avoid the pain of contraction. But they have an influence on our lives. Some people are so intimidated that they stay in the contraction of fear for their whole life and live a dead life; others hurry through life, covering up any fear with their activity; other ignore or neglect deep feelings completely and lose their connection to the depth of their soul.

Death is a challenge to our living. We experience life and death as opposites that are fighting each other. We fight against our own strong fear that arises when we are confronted with the ending of our life. But contemplating, death also has the power to confront us with our lives not lived and the way we suppress our aliveness. In the face of death, this anxiety shrinks. Repressed feelings limit our life energy.

In this workshop we will work with different exercises and experiences to become more alive and to move towards a greater acceptance of the ending of life. When we live our life fully, connected to our inner truth and according to our life task, we enjoy it and may be able to have peace when it is over.

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13 juli | 10:00
17 juli | 17:00




NICE – Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics
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